Business intelligence that helps you understand your organisation

Ensure the right people get alerts and notifications in a timely manner to improve reaction time and improve business performance.

Workers Performance

Employee Statistics

Direct access to employee statistics for performance reviews and productivity enhancement. 

Real-time Reporting

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly alerts will help you stay up to date on what’s happening.

On Demand Insights

High Risk Employees

Easily monitor performance and high risk employees across departments and factories, 

Most Overtime Performed

Using overtime provides the ability to deal with busy periods, cover of absences and staff shortages without the need to recruit new staff.

Business Intelligence

Make informed, data-driven decisions about new staff recruitment.

Labour Cost Analysis

Workers Payroll 

Identify cost drivers by worker or department.

Overtime Costs

Keep an eye on Overtime Costs to minimise abuse.

Labour Cost Reports

Generate reports for hours worked, wages earned, and benefits by employees. 

Discover our platform

Keep employee details and maintain up to date records.

Employee Center

Simplify hour and labour tracking using kiosks.

Smart Attendance

Integrated Payroll

Manage payroll with automated payroll calculations.