Keep all your records neat and organised

With so much information scattered across offices and departments, you lose hours hunting for the things you need to move work forward.

With Workforce, all your employee data is in one place, and always up to date.

Centralised Data Hub

Spend less time searching for files or hunting for documents and more time getting things done.

Digitised Documents

Save any type of content — from personal and employment details to documents and emails.

Alerts & Reminders

Keep your team in sync for important documents like passport, permit & insurance renewals.

Team Management

Organise your team’s way, setting up teams and sharing permissions however works best for you.

Employee Directory

Easily add employees and any updates to employee profiles are instantly synced with your team so everyone always has the latest info. 

Personal Details

Employee Name, Employee ID, Gender, D.O.B, Address, Passport No, Nationality

Employment Details

Job Title, Job Grade, Department, Work Station, Work Schedule, Join Date, Probation

Payroll Details

Wages, Wage Type, Payment Frequency, Payment Method, Bank, Bank Account 

Employee Documents

Resumes, Contracts, Passport & Permit Documents, Training Records, Medical Records

Alerts & Reminders

Submitting key documents late or with inaccuracies can result in audits, inspections, and fines. With our AI technology, the systems does all the work for you!

Track Renewals

Real-time, actionable alerts to ensure passport & permit renewals are submitted on time.

Email Reminders

Receive recurring emails reminding you to process renewals before it is due to expire.

Labour Law Compliant

Keep your labour force compliant with all relevant labour laws and regulations. 

Team Management

With dispersed teams, and travel throughout facilities, it’s hard to keep everyone on the same page. With Workforce, you can organise your teams however works best for you.

Create Teams

Easily add or remove members to build your team’s shift cycle in minutes.

Roles & Permissions

Customise the access each team member by assigning them roles of leaders or workers. 

Discover our platform

Simplify hour and labour tracking using kiosks.

Smart Attendance

Integrated Payroll

Manage payroll with automated payroll calculations.

Powerful software reporting and visual dashboards. 

Analytics & Insights