HLGS Enterprise Sdn Bhd

HLGS SDN BHDis one of premium general supplier companies in Malaysia that supplies foreign workers and labours management services to aid government organizations and multi-national corporations with professional labours supply solutions for diversified industries existing in Malaysia. HLGS SdnBhd and  was established as a small general supplier company known as Heng Leong General Supplier by our Managing Director Mr. AngKok Chang back in 1979. However, on April 21st 1995, Heng Leong General Supplier was incorporated into HLGS Sdn Bhd that focuses solely in outsourcing and foreign workers management services to meet the increased demands of labours supply in the country. Today, HLGS SdnBhd is specialized in manpower outsourcing services, human resources consultancy, labours management, permanent and temporary foreign workers recruitment, and direct and contract employment.


Up to date, HLGS Sdn Bhd general supplier has a team of approximately 1500 dedicated and hardworking production labourers comprising of more than 500 local Malaysians and 1000 foreign workers from Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Nepal to fulfil the needs of our clients throughout Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley and Selangor. HLGS SdnBhd has the knowledge and two decades worth of experiences in labours management business which inclusive of supplying and managing skilledand semi ­skilled local andforeign workers to manufacturing, services, construction, hospitality, hotel business,and plantation sectors in Malaysia. Furthermore, HLGS SdnBhd confederates with international human resources companies in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal that help us supplying legal foreign workers into the country by complying with the respective country’s Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs regulations.

HLGS Enterprise Sdn Bhd

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