Industry 4.0 Academy

Why Industry 4.0 Academy

The Industry 4.0 revolution is here and the acceleration of innovation and the velocity of disruption will radically change the way we live, work and relate to one another. In today’s world, Uber is considered to be one of the largest taxi companies but doesn’t own a single vehicle; Airbnb is an online marketing and hospitality service that has the largest number of rooms yet owns no hotels and Watson IBM AI supercomputer has the ability to answer almost any question posed in natural language. Today’s graduating students and IT professionals are not equipped to work with these fast evolving technologies.

We at Industry 4.0 Academy are committed in helping you take that quantum leap you need to stay ahead.

We provide 2 to 3 months intensive technical courses online and in the classroom on the various disruptive technologies of Industry 4.0 for graduated students or IT professionals who want to stay relevant. These intensive technical courses also provide the advantage of adding credit to the MBA course. The technical skills and knowledge that they learn from these courses will provide them with certain key strengths that will strategically upgrade their skills to aid them with working with these new technologies and to keep them ahead of the game.

We also provide 1 to 2 day seminars by Industry experts exclusively for C-levels and management to educate them on why they need to embrace Industry 4.0’s technologies and enable them to make better decisions to keep their organisation relevant and resilient in today’s fast changing world.

Embrace the technological change with Industry 4.0 Academy.

Our classes are HDRF claimable.



Enable professionals to tackle new Industry 4.0 technologies.



  • To provide intensive short term training of the latest Industry 4.0 IT technologies to professionals with real industry use cases.
  • Educate the C-levels and management on Industry 4.0 to enable them to make better decisions so their companies can stay relevant and resilient.

Industry 4.0 Academy

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