Right Pristine Manpro Sdn Bhd

RP Group is principally involved in the provision of foreign labour supply, human resources management services and dormitory development.

With 24 years of experience in foreign labour supply industry, the group offers its premiums services to MNCs in the EMS sector.

Based in Penang, the Northern region of Malaysia, Right Pristine Manpro Sdn Bhd is one of the leading Foreign Manpower Management Company with establishment since 2009.  We partner with foreign agencies in various countries to supply professional workforce to multiple sectors of multinational factories and local companies. We have connected more than 50,000 foreign workforce from Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines to cater to the needs of various industries and sectors.

We have been successfully sustained our competitive advantage in providing manpower services nationwide with our delivery commitment, quality of support and service, experienced and dedicated management team in managing all outsource related activities.

With 10 years track record with a strong footprint in Penang, the company committed to take care the wellbeing and to ensure the foreign workforce is treated with respect and dignity.


RP Manpro Sdn Bhd embarking in Local manpower supply specialises in providing local workforce to the manufacturing industry, warehousing, logistic companies and etc. We provide professional HR Consultancy from talent acquisition to employee disciplinary management by our experience operation team. We believe that working distance and accommodation should not be the obstacle in connecting the right people with the right company, therefore, transportation arrangement and hostel placement is part of our comprehensive solution for our client.


RP Dormitory Sdn Bhd is an integrated dormitory solutions provider for our valuable local and foreign workforce.  It owns, operates and manages substantial stated approved purpose-build dormitories in Penang. Our dormitory development and hostel setup are RBA Compliances taking into accounts the aspect of Security & Safety comes with periodically maintenance and audit. We are committed to provide a safe and conducive environment by maintaining a continual upgrading to ensure the workforce having standard and quality living.

Right Pristine Manpro Sdn Bhd

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