Monitor employee attendance in real-time

Using our AI Scheduling technology, Workforce removes the need for time consuming donkey work.

Generate real-time, accurate and error-free attendance timesheets

Reduce Absenteeism

Identify and monitor absent workers in real-time and quickly take necessary action.

Complex Shifts

No matter what the factory rules or complex shifts are, our system will accommodate them.

Fraud Detection

Eliminate instances of buddy punching & unauthorised work schedules.

AI Enabled

Automatically sort hours into standard, overtime, off day and public holiday hours.

Attendance & Timesheets

Real-time Attendance

Generate real-time, accurate and error-free attendance time-sheets based on biometric data. 

Biometric Integration

Reduce the chances of fraud with the use of biometrics and intelligent scheduling.

Powerful Reporting

Receive email reports to highlight and remedy these issues immediately.

Overtime Management

Keep overtime costs in check with easy to configure rules and settings that increase accuracy and improve compliance to overtime laws.

Overtime Requests

Fill up an electronic request form specifying the duration and selected workers for overtime.

Overtime Approval

Only approved employees will receive the overtime wage rates for when performing the overtime hours.

Leave Management

Nobody likes filling out forms, which is why we automated the process for you! View, manage and approve your workers time-off, holiday and medical leaves easily. 

Custom Leave Policies

Define the entitled leave quota for each type of leave employees have in the company.

Multi Level Approvals

Our multilevel approval system, HR & Payroll Admins can view and approve all Leave applications. 

Worker Kiosk

Kiosks are equipped with a selection of RFID, Fingerprint or Facial Recognition Scanners to eliminate fraudulent activities. Workers are also able to submit leave and overtime submissions via the kiosks.

Biometric Fingerprints

Facial Recognition

Customised RFID Cards

Leave & OT Submission

Prices exclude cost of hardware, hardware setup, electrical wiring & network connectivity

Discover our platform

Keep employee details and maintain up to date records.

Employee Center

Integrated Payroll

Manage payroll with automated payroll calculations.

Powerful software reporting and visual dashboards. 

Analytics & Insights